To Our Listeners...

Let's face it... Radio as a whole has become boring and lifeless. It's all the same crap day after day, and the younger you are, the less relevant broadcast radio is in your life. It's a sad but true state of affairs in today's world.

Everyone under the age of 30 missed out on how awesome broadcast radio was. Before the Internet, cell phones, and social media, radio and television had substance. They were a part of everyday life. They had value and they didn't insult your intelligence. Now before you dismiss us as "Boomers" and click off to the next shiny thing in your Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram feed, hear me out.

We love everything that radio was, and we think you will too if given a reason to tune in. We make this promise... If you join the Crew, we will entertain and inform you. We will treat you as if you are independent and intelligent. That said, being that so many folks are so damn sensitive these days, you might not like what we say on occasion, but know that our intent is never to offend, but to simply "keep it real" - something that normal radio and television haven't done in over two decades.

If you're still reading, then I've at least made you stop and think for a minute. Do it! Join the Crew. Be challenged. Think for yourself. Have an opinion - we sure do - and accept that you may not like everything we say or do... but you'll probably like most of it!

Best of all, all that you have to do to be a part of the Crew... is tune in and listen.

Thane Conriocht

General Manager

Station FAQ

What is the music format of the station?

We are basically an active (new) rock format but with a healthy dose of 80s and 90s rock thrown in for good measure. Our previous stations have all been new rock and we're pretty comfortable in that world, so why change what works. During the day, it's good rock, some weather and news, but at 7:00pm, we kick off the evening with a far less tame, more adult-oriented rock program starting with our premier live, local talk show "The House Party" from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (coming soon). You'll never know what you're gonna hear!

Why did you choose northern Oklahoma to start a station?

Well, after we sold our last radio station in southern Oklahoma, we figured that radio was pretty much dead and we'd just go back to our normal jobs and normal lives. After a couple years out of the business, we found that radio gets in your blood and we really missed it. We began looking for a station to buy that was close enough to still be involved with the community without a lengthy drive. We stumbled across what was once KPAK-FM licensed to Alva, Oklahoma and the owner was eager to sell. It was a good price and we were at a good point in our careers financially to get the deal done. Thus, Roughneck Radio - 97.5 The Rig was born. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Why bother with this? Isn't radio dead?

Kinda. Radio as an industry is pretty much dead. The fault isn't in the medium; it is in the owners. Most radio stations are owned as part of large corporate groups who only look at radio as a means to profits. Those stations are soulless and pander to the sheep. Many of the non-corporate, locally-owned stations are dead inside from exhaustion and expenses. They're just holding on because they don't know anything else, but all is not gone. There are a few folks out there across the country like us who are doing radio for the love of radio, for the love of sharing music, and for the love of the connection to the community. There aren't many of us, but we've dug in our claws and will fight to keep the magic of radio alive for as long as we can.

Can we listen on our computer, on phones or on Alexa?

Yep. Yell out "Alexa, open KZLF" and she'll get you set up and enable the station's Alexa skill. You can then ask things like "Ask KZLF what is playing now" or "Ask KZLF for the weather" or other cool stuff we'll add in over time. In addition, you can listen live from our webpage at home or on your phone. Just click the "Listen Live" button in the top menu bar to start.

Do you have a question?

Call, text, or email us using the contact information at the bottom of this page and we'll answer it!