The Truth About Radio

Radio is expensive! Just keeping the station operational is several thousand dollars a month. That is why radio stations run commercials. The difference with our station is that we'll never blast you with 15-20 minutes of commercials per hour like so many other stations do. Our commercial blocks are a maximum of 3 minutes long and only twice an hour. You'll never need to hit that seek button to get away from a ridiculous commercial "pod" that seemingly lasts forever. Just hang tight and you'll be back in the tunes before you know it!

KZLF Coverage Map

Demographic Information
License: KZLF-FM
Frequency: 97.5Mhz (50,000 watts)
Music Format: Active Rock
Target Audience: Persons 18-45 yrs
Service Area Population: 51,000+
Median Age: 32.5 yrs
Median Household Income: $46,929
Race: White: 88.5%, Latino: 7.1%, Black: 3.7%

Advertise on KZLF

Our rates are reasonable and straightforward. Our listeners are loyal and will eagerly support businesses who help keep their favorite radio station on the air. If you want to reach the hard-working folks of Northern Oklahoma and Southern Kansas, then you need to be advertising on KZLF-FM.

Advertising Type Price
Al La Carte Ad Rate
30 or 60 Second Spots (Any Quantity, Any Day)
You can purchase any quantity of ads and schedule them on any day. There are no term commitments or contracts, no hidden fees or gimmicks. Buy one ad (or buy a thousand) and run them when you want! *
Business Builder Pack
Qty 100 - 30 or 60 Second Spots
Nice and easy. This monthly package is a great starting point with radio advertising with a healthy discount. It gives you 100 spots spread throughout the month at a flat-fee monthly rate. Easy to budget, easy to manage. You can choose your ad placement (6-month contract required).
Weather Sponsorship
15 Second Spots (Run Minimum - 4/Day)
Sponsor our exclusive KFOR 4Warn local weather forcast. Your 15-second ad will run before the weather a minimum of 4 times per day (more depending on how many other sponsors are active).
Live Remote
On-Site Broadcast (Minimum 3 Hours)
Bring the roughneck Crew to your business! We'll come out and broadcast live from your business (inside or out), give away station swag and bring our listeners to you!

We started this company for the love of radio and everything about it. We feel that if we provide our listeners with the opportunity to get excited about radio, that their excitement and enthusiasm will directly transfer to your product or service. Everyone likes to be a part of something larger than themselves, and advertising with KZLF-FM is your opportunity to join all of us in that sense of fulfillment and community. Call, text or email us today to get started!

Call or Text: 405-920-3434 · Email:

* Specific ad placement requests are first-come, first-served.
Above rates are subject to change without notice.
Significant discounts for local businesses.
Credit Cards

Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you're really connecting.